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Reference: Ms Roselyne Allen, CSV Volunteer, 185 The Avenue

 » Ms Allen came to our organisation through the community service volunteer programmme. A world renowned organisation, providing volunteers to organisations across the world.Ms Allen came highly recommended and possesses a university degree in psychology as obrained from university in Paris. Since arriving at the project as a live in volunteer supporting two male Adults with autism, she has demonstrated hersel to be an extremely competent, professional, trustworthy and caring person.

Living as CSV volunteer in London is not an easy task as she only receives a small living allowance of £62.50 per week. Surviving on such an allowance is a task in itself and requires strict self management. She has done this with relative ease and must be recommended for doing so.

Ms Allen has provided strong and fair boundaries for the services users as she supported and I have seen the benefits these have provided in making the house a fun and enjoyable place to live in. She is an excellent time keepet and has had no time of sick since starting with us in January 2004.

I would suggest that it has not all been easy for Ms Allen and she has had to adapt and change with the challenge presented to her by the British National Health System and voluntary associations she has contact with on the behalf of the service users. This task has been slightly harder for Roselyne as her first language is French. She always handled these challenges in a mature manner and has difficulties with confidence. she has not let her language skills and acquistition stand in her way.

She has confidently carried out risk assessments, care plans and financial control within the project.

When asked to give a financial breakdown, costing and events programme for a trip to France, she did without hesitation and provided a very comprehensive and well thoufht out plan.

I would suggest to Roselyne that she does not underestimate the positive impact that she had in the day to day running of the project and care she has given to the services users. She will be greatly missed by our service and I would have no hesitation in recommendi her to future and prospective employers. She will be an asset to any company that decides to give her employement.

Good luck with all your future endeavours and please keep in touch with us at the 185 Avenue. »

Colin Powell, Acting Outreach Manager, Hail